1. Dead Nay on
    Dead Nay on
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    !!!!!!! Track list~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!T.T

  2. gASper
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    I think that’s it!

    01 Tape Five – Good Boy Bad Man ft. Henrik Wager
    02 Cory Blane – Hot Plate
    03 In-Grid – Vive Le Swing (Rivaz Club Remix)
    04 Isaac Fresco – Foxtrot (Mesdup Dub)
    05 Tavo – Hollywood (Black & Tan) (Tavo’s Nuclear Remix)
    06 Hickup – Mitzvah
    07 Turk Disco – Balagan
    08 Malente & Dex – In Nightclubs
    09 Acidkids – Greek Geek
    10 Homework – Trumpet Express
    11 Paul Carpenter – Minnie The Moocher (Olli DJ Remix)
    12 DKS – Sing With A Swing (A New Thing Remix)
    13 JFTH – Modern Times
    14 Slap In The Bass – Padrino
    15 South Of Roosevelt – Get Lo Get Hi
    16 Zombie Disco Squad – Hobo
    17 Round Table Knights – Cut To The Top ft. Reverend Beat-Man

    I would like to download this, couse it kicks ass!!! Where?

  3. StuC
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    loves this…
    TEL AVIV got an eye on you ;)

    and thanks for the tracklist…
    Cory Blaine – Hot Plate & Tavo – Hollywood
    just epic

  4. Balkadan
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    Hey guys thanks for the warm feedback!

    I put up a revised version of the mix on my Soundcloud page (soundcloud.com/balkadan/generation-swing-a-house-mix)… There are a couple of changes you might enjoy, give it a second listen and swing some more!

    Cheers from the Mid East

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