phos toni – swing that paris (ES013)

phos toni – swing that paris (ES013)

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Phos Toni, Frankfurt, Germany swing tech, house. Another german DJ … and a another great Electro Swing DJ Mix ! He started to buy acid and progressive house records at 13 and know he mixes very well and gets really involved in what he calls “Folk & Swing House”. Germany, Electro Swing is knocking at your door !!!!

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phos toni – swing that paris (ES013)
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  1. Tout d’abord merci pour cette initiative de créer un site dédié à notre passion commune!Pourrait on avec les playlist des mix, y a t il des morceaux en freedownload(je pense notamment a Dutty Moonshine, que j’ai raté sur soundclound)?Merci!

  2. salut !
    les playlists ne sont pas toujours disponibles, car certains DJ ne veulent pas toujours les publier (ou ne prennent pas le temps de le faire …) Je vais voir avec toni !

  3. Fausto Messina – Tomelas Frias (Swing Version)
    Super Flu – Didschn
    Thyladomid – The Voice
    Alex Kenji – El Circo Del Sol
    Shemian – 1927
    Horatio & Freakme – Born in 1931
    Kormac Wash My Hands (Scribble Records)
    Dirty Sole ft Mike Dixon – Back in the Day
    Aki Bergen, J-valencia, Johan Dresser – Black Jazz
    Enzo Siffredi – G Swing
    Lissat and Voltaxx – Et Moi (D Unity Mix)
    Louis Armstrong – Nobody Knows (Monkey Safari Remix)
    The Quietmen – Swing Beast
    Byron Foxx – Dan x mix (soulful)

  4. les dutty moonshine ne laisse que très peu de leur track sur soundcloud en libre chargement mais ils sont très gentils il faut leur demander je pense qu’il te les donneront

  5. god dammed, this is easily one of the best music remixes i ever heard.
    i’ll never forget the evening i heard this the first time.
    “wash my hands” ist the best part. i could hear it 24 hours a day.
    please, oh please, keep on mixing, mr. phos toni.
    Gonna wash my hands for youuu! :D

  6. hi there, i just found this antique article of the “begining-times” with you guys. thanks for that awesome comments @cast_awa @kiwistar. hope to see/read/listen to you soon again.

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