1. cab canavaral
    cab canavaral
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    would be nice to have list with links…
    thanx for that very informative article -I’ll check out the names

  2. Nuno Endo
    Nuno Endo
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    @ Cab – I agree. Electro-swing.com is there any chance of including hyperlinks in articles for easy to find stuff on the web that is written of in the blogs?

    @ Cab – The artists spoken of in the article are heavily on the swing house side of things. Please do enjoy what they do!


  3. Graham14
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    I’m from Texas, and have been spinning Electro Swing for about a year now, mostly to myself and my dog. This past weekend though, that changed. I spun a three hour set at Burning Flipside, the Texas regional Burning Man event. It was a smash if I may say so. I’ve got folks in New York, Austin, and New Orleans wanting me to come out and spin. I think America is ripe for this to take off, but it’s going to be a certain crowd that “Gets it”…

  4. incontrol
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    hi graham ! thks for posting this I’m abig fan of US musicians and very interested in what’s going on over there :-) What do you mean by “a certain croud” ? Not shure I get you .. anyway glad you had a good feedback in texas :) do not hesitate to email us or tell us more about Electro Swing in the USA :-)


  5. Graham14
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    I guess what I mean is that a U.S. “mainstream” audience will not be as likely to embrace electro swing as perhaps in Europe. I do think that the U.S. underground dance scene and the Burning Man crowd will eat it up though.

  6. RubeDKB
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    So good to hear from other cats in the states on here! I’ve got to check out Cabbie Hat Recordings. I also love that swing house style.

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