1. Fred
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    electro-swing is big in Kufstein, tho

  2. incontrol
    at /

    electroswing is everywhere now : ) goog to read your comment ! keep in touch man …

  3. pat poree
    pat poree
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    maybe we should swing to Kufstein Jürgen? ;-)

  4. cab canavaral
    cab canavaral
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    yeah let’s make an excursion!

  5. Dejan Exmono
    Dejan Exmono
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    hello my dear swing lovers! from the heart of Vienna comes a very special mix from dj exmono , playing at Klub Shwing, Black Garter Lounge and Cirque Rouge events.. well.. here it is:
    hope you like it.

  6. Pachta Ray
    Pachta Ray
    at /

    I totally agree, we’ve been organizing some electroswing clubbings in vienna too, although our sets are mostly more electronic than swing :) and we had guests like enzo siffredi (was his first time in vienna) and filtertypen but still wasn’t as popular as i expected. Maybe its just a matter of time and of course the right promotion. But we will keep on swingin :)

    to give you a little taste, this is my soundcloud account:

  7. Bruno Shigaki
    Bruno Shigaki
    at /

    Awesome, I want to know all of these places! hehehehe

    Keep swinging :)

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