1. Nuno Endo
    Nuno Endo
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    Love South Of Roosevelt stuff. Get Hi Get Lo on this mix and their classic swing house version of Saatchmo’s Jeepers Creepers!

  2. FACT.50
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    Hey guys, I’ll be happy to submit my mix from Retro Electro as well. I should have it up for public consumption this weekend. The night was really fun, and though we had a medium sized turn out, everyone looked like they had a blast! Aaron and I will be back soon for another round of SF Electro-Swing!!

  3. ninurta09
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    Marvelous performance Aaron! A very lively and vibrant set. The very first Polish accent at electro.swing at the end of the complitation. The longer I listen to electro.swing the more I come across how many talented DJ’s are coming out from nowhere. Fantastic project, we owe you a lot electro.swing team.

  4. Delachaux
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    Merci pour le soutien! I blame the smoking crater left in my head from Wolfie’s ‘Swinging Beats Vol.2’ set from May. Here’s to collective inspiration ~ XOD

  5. maxone
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  6. JMcBoogie
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    excellent set here- keep em’ coming

  7. jazzarow
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    I hear some russian swing songs! Nice remix! Want to listen mix inside my car….. Can download somewhere???

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