1. beberdream
    at /

    We love it and we want more of this quality!
    I would put out this mix in the top ten publications of the site ;p

    Thank you Absurge for this work and for the playlist.

  2. Kiwistar
    at /

    The Squarepusher Remix By Mr Oizo is Inspired i have already used it for swing mix and it’s really a good one !!! Nice work Btw !!!

  3. absurge
    at /

    thanks guys! i’m working on a sequel mix… volume 2. expect that out shortly :-) love all the responses

  4. beberdream
    at /

    Hi Absurge,
    Cool now we have your SoundCloud page.
    Wait and see for sequel mix !
    I’ll go listen other mix that you share.
    God bless West Coast ElectroSwing ;p

    Hi Incontrol,
    Thank you for the passion that you share, and for your new finds every week. I find that we dont say it enough!

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