1. IT
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    Very gooood!!!!

  2. Salada Cartel
    Salada Cartel
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    Yeaah!! Really nice guys, keep rockin!!

  3. Mario Maldonado
    Mario Maldonado
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    That sound makes everyone shake it! Very good!

  4. Felipinho
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    Amazing sound!!

  5. Lígia
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    Aeeeee! Tão de parabéeeens meninoos!!! Mtoooo booom meeesmo o trabalho de vcs!! o/ vai q vaaaaaaaaaai

  6. Bang Da Funk
    Bang Da Funk
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    If you guys want the tracklist, send us a message on Soundcloud!

    Thanks for sharing Julien Incontrol, we aprecciated it very much!

    Cheers from Brazil!!!

  7. nicknemer
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    Great !

  8. Lucas
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    Good Story!!!! :)

  9. Wanessa Tencati
    Wanessa Tencati
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    Isso é Brasiiil, minha gente. Sou fã!

  10. Felix
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    FEELS GOOD!! muito bom a sonzeira!!!

  11. Glyn
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    Anyone know if theres a tracklist?

  12. dj lukestrike
    dj lukestrike
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    great work of art!

  13. spitzin – there are no Z-rays (ES054) | electro-swing.com
    spitzin – there are no Z-rays (ES054) | electro-swing.com
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  14. Bang Da Funk
    Bang Da Funk
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    We (Bang da Funk) are made of Bruno + Lucas! :)

    Hope everybody can enjoy the tracklist. Have fun people!!

  15. bub
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    Banging & Hanging – Beautiful work, Brazil is rising, many gipsies/hippies/whatever here in India are moving to Brazil these days. And MANY MANY THANKS for the tracklisting, providing this makes the electro-swing dj-world a beautiful brotherhood…

  16. Manu
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    Esse Lucas mais conhecido como Pepe, é um gato!

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