1. beberdream
    at /

    Hey, il est vraiment excellent ce Mix ! :p

    J’ai beaucoup aimé les suivants aussi : 009 / 012 / 016 / 026.

    Très bon boulot proposé par ton site, ca fait 2 ans que j’écoute quasiment exclusivement de l’electroswing, et dans l’ensemble on trouve mixé ici tout ce qui s fait de mieux !

    Vous avez la playlist du mix ?

    Merci d’avance et continuez comme ca :)

  2. Chappi
    at /

    I’m also looking for the playlist, where can we get it??

  3. Coleman
    at /

    I would like to know where to find this music as well! I have some but not nearly this many that are this good. Please let us know more, thanks!

  4. ThomasJC
    at /

    Me as well!

    The Songtext in Minute 8 is the best… does anyone know which song was mixed here?

  5. Abraham310
    at /

    Nice selection!

  6. ReTrO
    at /

    Cooool!!! 5 star :)
    Pls publish the tracklist :) Thx
    BTW the best parts of the mix are at 11:40 and at 24:20, 31:13, 48:00 :)

  7. frikandon
    at /

    Try looking for Drop The Lime – Hot As Hell ;-)

  8. DJ TNO (dnb)
    DJ TNO (dnb)
    at /

    Man… big up. thats one of the best mix I heard. Smooth mixes full of energy…thanks

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