1. Jacinta
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    Hey lovin the sounds :) great to hear the old jazz being brought back to life!!

  2. Sylvain
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    Oh my God !

    The set is remarkable and the pocast left me with the happiest of feelings.

    Maybe that’s the best way to approach this set, with less of an eye toward its omissions and more of just an appreciation of an exceptionally nice try…

    Ground breaking jazz music and dizzying explanations mix structures are all wonderful, but really all you can do is just listen. And know there’s so much more still waiting to be discovered here in electro-swing….

  3. Gin Schiller
    Gin Schiller
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    That’s right Mr. Incontrol.
    I really like this set. I think it’s one of the best!!!

  4. TallMatt
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    Is there a track listing anwhere for this set? I would love to know the name/artist of the very last song.

    This was a fun swing set — less electro than the others, but lots of great tracks. i especially like the love given to the Squirrel Nut Zippers in there.


  5. Frankie S
    Frankie S
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    Hi Matt, glad you like the set The last song is Allen Toussaint’s version of St James Infirmary.
    Cheers – Frankie S

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