ginschiller – sweet hour musique (ES025)

ginschiller – sweet hour musique (ES025)

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GinSchiller, Breitungen/ Thüringen, DE soulfull, home made, tech swing. For us it’s very important is to bring you diversity and good good music. This week let’s focus on a really amazing artist I’ve been talking with in the past weeks : GinSchiller. In the set you’ll hear, he mixes only his own tracks and as he says “Electronica with jazzy & swingin’ influences are his new home”. The connection of old melodies and new beats I hope you will apreciate ! Won’t be easy for everyone to get in but if you care for music, you should be taken by GinSchiller’s Hypnotic Groove  …

About the Set: Music, Sampling, Percussions & Arragement by GinSchiller with mouth & hands, Tambourine, Eggshakers, HP Pavilion dv5000, Korg Zero 8, Roland SP-404, Reloop RP-6000, Axiom49, Samson C01U Mic, Ableton 8, Reaktor 5, Wavelab + Scratches by Dj Tegon


Not Available : )

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ginschiller – sweet hour musique (ES025)
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  1. wow! that’s really good dancefloor stuff!
    where can i buy this hot shit?

    avec mon meilleurs souvenirs.

  2. hello together,
    many thanks for feedback…!!!

    @JC: cheers to strasbourg jean-christophe :0)


  3. hey!
    i looove this music! it’s so rare to find GOOD swing-elektro – even in a big city like hamburg – so i’m happy to finding you. :)

  4. hi solveig,
    thanks for your praise!!! maybe, we find us in hamburg someday ;)

    cheers to Hansestadt…

  5. Hi there,
    really cool website. Love your sounds guys!!!
    This set is my favorite. Very underground & I don`t know the tracks. not even one :)

    Don`t stop & I´m looking forward for new stuff!!!

  6. hi there,
    very nice website. love your sound boys & girls :)
    this set is my favorite, very underground & I don’t know the tracks. not even one ;)

    don’t stop it & lookin’ fwd for new stuff!!!


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