1. sirsway
    at /

    yeah! trop bon!!!

  2. Sylvain
    at /

    C’est du pur bonheur….encore un vendredi soir bien groovy….
    Seul hic….c’est que comme d’habitude….pas de playlist….
    I wish….

  3. Beberdream
    at /

    Il est vraiment énorme ce mix !!

  4. gumakau
    at /

    oP oP oP :D

  5. beberdream
    at /

    Hi Nuno Endo, this is one of the best mix that I could listen, soon for the next one ?

    Thank you for mix and playlist :)

  6. Nuno Endo
    Nuno Endo
    at /

    @ Beberdream.

    Thanks for the kind words and yes I am working on two new projects hopefully finished in next two weeks. One is another quality swing house set and the other will remain a secret for now.

    Keep em peeled over the next while!

  7. Sylvain
    at /

    Thanks you so much for the playlist….

    I can really confirm this is one of the best mix that I could listen…

    Every day since you release this one you make my day better….Thanks.

    “Peu importent les notes, en musique, ce sont les sensations produites qui comptent.”…

    All the best

  8. ThomasJC
    at /

    Nuno Endo this mix is awesome! For real, I’m waiting for more stuff!

    Could you tell me which song you mixed in Minute 8?

    The Songtext is niiiice

  9. Gin Schiller
    Gin Schiller
    at /

    …cool set Nuno!!! I like it :)

  10. Nuno Endo
    Nuno Endo
    at /

    Cheers et Salut folks for the positive comments.

    Very very soon, new mix will be available. Details to follow.

    @Thomas – If Only Alarms Didn’t Ring (House Extended Mix) – Biboulakis is playing at 8min mark or you could be next track Back It Up (Angelo Silver Salamone Mix) – Caro Emerald this is Free DL on soundcloud ;)

    Gin – Never be as good as you man :)

  11. Angelo Silver Salomone
    Angelo Silver Salomone
    at /

    Hello! Very cool set!!! Cheers from Bari (Italy).

  12. Nuno Endo
    Nuno Endo
    at /

    Cheers Angelo. I found your excellent remix of Caro on Soundcloud a while ago and meant to leave comment. Peace to beautiful Bari, I was there may years ago.

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