1. jazzarow
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    nice one! at don’t want to listen , ‘coz in tags there were HipHop, but it’s really Swingin’Hip&Hop. Good rhytmic sound here! Thanks for interesting mix///

  2. Spitzin
    at /

    And yes – hop-hop is just a rhythm base. All the tracks are swingy!

  3. beatzlova
    at /

    Hey I really like this!
    I think the jazz, hip hop, swing style is just great!
    Is there any chance to get (download) it somewhere :P??
    I would like to hop down the streets with this in my ears ;)
    Thanks and Greetz–

  4. Bang Da Funk
    Bang Da Funk
    at /


    Thanks for dancing everybody!

    Enjoyyy :)

  5. Mathieu
    at /

    I’m loving your vibe Spitzin ! Is there any chance we can get a playlist for this mix ?

    Great work, love from France.

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