1. Beberdream
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    Yessss Let’s gooo

  2. Sylvain
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    Que du bonheur….Franchement qu’est que cela fait du bien…
    Mon passage sur electro-swing.com est un rituel salutaire à mon bien être…C’est clair que mes vendredi soir devant le pc ont une tout autre saveur!
    Merci pour ce set original, pour ma part l’un des mieux maitrisé techniquement parlant…Du TRES GRAND ART….Et je pèse mes mots….
    Wolfie je réitère ma demande habituelle : Where is the playlist …?

  3. Beberdream
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    C’est vrai que le vendredi c’est un passage obligé :p et pourvu que ca continu longtemps !! Visiblement les mix sortent à 13h ^^

    Ce mix est beaucoup plus technique que certains autres j’ai l’impression, avec de la très bonne électro des samples super bien agencés …

    A écouter avec les bass à bloc du pur bonheur!!!

    C’est parti pour une semaine en boucle :p

    Merci Incontrol de nous dénicher des perles comme ca !

  4. Beberdream
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    Hi Wolfie

    Thank you for your sharing and hard work on this mix.

    You moved us one of the most technical mix up now.

    Electro Sound is really EXCELLENT , with a sample management to the nanosecond. This mix is truly a gem!

    If you pass in the corner, I wonder how long you took to compose this mix?

    @Incontrol : I’ll try to make an effort to use English :p

  5. la zampa
    la zampa
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    wonderful!!! this is the best electroswing set I’ve heard till now. is it possible to have the tracklist?

  6. Wolfie
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    Thankyou for your wonderful comments, thanks for the English also! (the French did make a little sense to me)

    So here’s the exclusive electro-swing.com setlist!

    01 Cab Calloway – Man From Harlem
    02 Emanuel Kosh – Make My Music (Pascal & Pearce Remix)
    03 Tolemada Project – It Don’t Mean A Thing (Midicore Remix)
    04 Olmec – Jazz Filth
    05 Tavo – Black And Tan (Nuclear Remix)
    06 Biboulakis – Jack A Dit
    07 Tolemada Project – Puttin On The Ritz (D.Mark and Angel See Remix)
    08 White Noise – All You Got To Do
    09 Smokingroove – Jack’s Gig
    10 The Boswell Sisters – Old Man Of The Mountain
    11 White Noise – You Ain’t Got That Swing
    12 Baron Lee & The Blue River Band – Reefer Man
    13 Paul Carpenter – Minnie The Moocher (Olli DJ Reefer Man Remix)
    14 Cory Blaine – Hot Plate
    15 Clubzound Vs. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – It Don’t Mean Jack (Wolfie’s Mix)
    16 White Noise – A Swing Thing
    17 Biboulakis – If Only Alarms Didn’t Ring (Wattie Green Remix)
    18 Neelix Vs. Jimmie Noone – You Rascal (Wolfie’s Mix)
    19 John Williams – Cantina Band (Messy Mass Remix)
    20 Wolfie – Swingimal Criminal
    21 Enzo Siffredi – G-Swing (Basement Freaks Remix)



  7. cab canavaral
    cab canavaral
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    yes this mix is really brilliant – I downloaded it from soundcloud and burned it on cd (this I don’t do very often!)I’m loving it!!!

  8. Wolfie
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    nice one! great to be getting some air time!



  9. Mr C
    Mr C
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    dude, best mix so far! keep up the good work! thx for sharing!

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  11. ninurta09
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    Undoubtedly, the best Electro Swing mix I have ever listened to. I am under great impression I also really like Sound Nomaden and Bart & Baker but your mix is a pure uppermost masterpiece which has made alive and twisted out all parts of my body. Long live Wolfie I am waiting for your official publications and remixes. Parov Stelar will find a real contestant if I can put in that way. Obviously, I am great fan Electro-Swing and Nu Jazz scene and will support both scenes. PS Please publish more sets through Electro Swing. People should know about your magnicifent works! Thank you so much

  12. Rewi Elffyre – Swingstomp Mashup at Roots Bar / Winter Solstice 2012 (ES089) | electro-swing.com
    Rewi Elffyre – Swingstomp Mashup at Roots Bar / Winter Solstice 2012 (ES089) | electro-swing.com
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