Doublscotch Interview

Doublscotch Interview

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Hi folks! A new interview today from DoubleScotch a french duo from Paris, real activists from the world’s underground techno scene. Did you listen to last week DJ Yaspa’s mix called Pepito? If you like electronic music, start listening to it might be a good start before reading this interview. Half of Yaspa’s playlist are tracks from Doublscotch! And the mix is good… Let’s take some time to discover who these gentleman are…

You lucky guys have the chance to download an unrelease and only exclusive track from Doublscotch!

DoublScotch is 2 guys. Who is who and who does what? 

Konix: The DoublScotch project is Nicolas Vicente (Konix) & Harold Kabalo (Arok). I’ve been a DJ since 1996, and I initially started out by travelling between the Caribbean islands and South America, playing out wherever I went. Arok was more skilled in production techniques, while I was more focused on giving ideas and vibes, although my production has developed and it is now a real 50/50 split.

Arok: I also began DJing in 1996 and moved into liveset in 2000. I played all over Europe with a hardware and software setup, producing tracks under IOT records (Expedisound and Kontakt serieses) and performing live with the well known underground sound system, Tomahawk.

How did the Doublscotch project start?

Konix: We’ve been brothers in sound for a long time now, playing together at various parties together over the years with our crazy crew around Europe. When we both moved to Paris in 2008, the project evolved naturally and our first loop was on the famous Somos Pacifico edit (the original was by Choc Quib Town). We had such a good laugh during the studio session that it seemed like madness not to continue.

I couldn’t find much information about you on the Internet, but every DJ from the French underground I meet knows you and your music. Tell us about your background in Electronic music?

Arok: We played at a huge number of big free parties around the world (Sound Conspiracy / Tomahawk / Desert Storm / Drop in Caravan to name a few). It was a way of life, providing good vibrations and good music – taking care of each other and the crowd, building deep connections and deeper friendships far, far away from the music business. We were living our passion 1000%, 24/7.

Konix: We were lucky enough to play on big rigs every weekend and it was easy to touch lots of people from all walks of life. Things are very different now as almost all knowledge of an artist comes from the internet and digital media – something we still have to learn to maximise properly ;-)

You’ve been playing this sample based melodic, world, swingy stuff for a long time now. What do you think of Electro Swing, do you feel you were already doing it a long time ago, before the term Electroswing appeared? If yes, how do feel you are part of it now?

Arok: My approach to electronic music has always been built around the sample and searching out loops in every style of music, from ethnic to jazz to folk. I like digging in many different universes, and finding the one loop that can touch the collective unconsciousness. My first loop was a Tibetan vocal that I dropped over a 4/4 beat. I love to mix the rudeness of electro with the human feeling of traditional instruments. We don’t see the creative process as being part of a specific style or genre – we’re open to anything that inspires us.

Konix: I wouldn’t say that we are a part of the ES scene as such. We play a fair few ES tracks in our DJ sets in between house and techno tracks. That is the essence of what we do – we love to mix all kinds of different styles and influences and don’t want to get stuck in one style or scene. Today the DoublScotch sound is more house and deep house orientated.

Arok: We had some great times producing bootlegs (Aznavour, Sinatra, Paolo Conte etc), but now we are more concentrated on recording real musicians (drums, sax, vocals) and creating original samples.

Do you like Jazz? What music do you listen to when you’re home?

Arok: I had a background in rock and jazz before techno got me! I learned piano, guitar and singing. Didn’t get too far with it, but far enough to open my ears. I’ve also done an advanced course in sound engineering at a jazz college where I collaborated with a lot of jazz musicians. I listen to everything under the sun at home and had Marcus Miller on just this morning.

Konix: I’ve been an electronic music addict since the early 90’s. I began to discover other styles of music on my travels through South America and the Carribbean like salsa and cumbia, but at home I spend most of my time working on our projects and looking for good tunes for our DJ sets .:-)

You release tracks on the English label Audiotrix. It’s a gold mine for all Electro Swing enthusiasts (and a label that still releases on vinyl!) How did you become a part of the label?

Konix: We’ve know Ixy, Mickey and Debbie for years, it’s a family story and they are like family to us and we began working with Audiotrix from the very start of DoublScotch.

Arok: They were first supporters of the project. They give us the chance to release on such a well respected label and we are really pleased with the ongoing collaboration. We have lot of respect for the way they manage their label – they are real vibe and energy providers. We love the Audiotrix family.

Any good memories of your artistic life you want to share with us?

Konix: No :-)

Arok: There are just too many!

Arok & Konix: That party in the wood, (don’t really remember which one though!!) and the crazy DoublScotched studio sessions @ Splifftown, The Bridge

and don’t forget :”DoublScotch please mate!” ;-)

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Doublscotch Interview
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