dj sir sway – electroswing festival 2013 (ES114)

dj sir sway – electroswing festival 2013 (ES114)

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DJ SirSway – 2013 Electroswing Festival mix by Dj SirSway, Genève, Switzland electro swing, swing house, world. A Franco-Ethiopian, Dj Sirsway has always wallowed in music. After having organized concerts for many years and contributed to the musical scheduling of different festivals, he decides to make music his job. Living at the moment between Switzerland and France, and as well as his deejaying, he runs with Dj Incontrol the Bebob Swing event’s Company and the website It was after doing a tour as DJ in Columbia in June that he really defined his style. Sets are characterized by mixing electronic music such as techno, jungle, drum, break, minimal and house with traditional music from all over the world like swing, jazz, salsa, cumbia, boogaloo, funk, etc.

As organizers, SirSway and Incontrol focus their attention on the expectations of the public, creating a subtle blend of sounds coming from jazz, electro-swing, funk, disco, with the Roaring Twenties aesthetics, the unexpected neo-burlesque, and using contemporary dynamics.

What is Electro Swing for you ?

Electro Swing is a clever blend between traditional music and electro, it is full of good energy and happiness

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dj sir sway – electroswing festival 2013 (ES114)
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