This site is dedicated to the Electro Swing movement occurring Worldwide.We want to swing the house ! Let’s bring back the craziness and energy of the 20′s, come on ! electro-swing.com is designed for you to have fun and to discover, and fall in love with, great music.

What is Electro Swing ?

Well nobody can say precisely… What we do know is that some DJs started adding Swing Jazz to House/ Hip Hop Music a couple of years ago, though it is certainly not the 1st time Electronic Music has combined with Jazz.

Many producers & DJs were doing it way back in the early 80′s (Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson …) In the USA, producers like Mike Dixon and James Curd (Greenskeepers) are busy working on the G-Swing project, producing quality Swing Jazz House music. It became popular in Europe thanks to Romain BNO : he and his peers are amongst some of the best french producers, having remixed and released the G-Swing tracks on an album called “Swing For Modern Clubbing”. So, can we say Electro Swing was invented by franco-american artists? Of course not … History tells us Swing is present everywhere from Africa to America to Europe, Jazz Swing remains a prominent reference point for many musician born today. It is in Soul, Funk, Hip hop, House …Everywhere! G-Swing is a reference for all Electro Swing DJs, but once again, it is not confined to only that genre for example “Mr. Scruff – Get a move on” the examples are endless! One of the main changes within Electro Swing is that the samples are chopped differently than many of the “Electro Jazz” tracks from the 90′s (for example St Germain).

We try to return to the roots of the New Orleans and Chicago jazz music, keeping the bass on the downbeat while chopping the Jazz samples to the upbeat, creating an energy House Music and Hip Hop have rarely reached! Jazz is African Rhythm utilizing European instruments. Electro Swing is the use of Jazz samples from a Jazz record (either classic or modern) plus modern beats. Most of the time music is produced in home studios, and this, is truly revolutionary!

It is truly an individual, and a group experience and that’s what we like about it. It helps people get together, have fun and forget their problems. There are no rules, just fun, excitement and the promise to dance ’till late…

How to truly discover Electro Swing ?

A good start to have an overview is to subscribe to our podcast “This is Electro Swing !” and download every week a fresh Electro Swing DJ Mix. Our facebook page is also cool to visit and you will get daily information that you won’t find here on the site. And you’ll also find a section with FREE & electro-swing.com EXCLUSIVE ONLY TRACKS from great artists we love.

Looking for advices ?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us We are working with many DJs all over the World. If you’re planning a party or just want some advice, we’ll help you. Welcome to electro-swing.com : ) DJ incontrolSirSway & friends